The 2023 Fall Trends: New Femininity

The 2023 Fall Trends: New Femininity

The Fall 2023 Palette
The fall 2023 palette offers even more ways to play with a range of promising hues that create space for experimentation and exploration. When it comes to color combinations, the options are endless.

Combine intense bold colors with timeless muted tones, or take monochromatic to the max with all-over color schemes. If you’re looking for an eye-catching accent, you’ll find plenty in this season’s Pantone® lineup. 

New Femininity

A trend that stands out amidst a sea of modern, contemporary styles, giving a nod to the beauty of the past while embracing the gothic influence of today. Fusing vintage charm with edgy sophistication, New Femininity embraces the predominant ethos of generations past and seamlessly melds it with a soft, gothic twist. Warmth and hospitality harmoniously coexist with moodiness and mystery, offering a range of options to do it your way within this trend. 

Delicate detailing like intricate embroidery, decorative stitching, and 3D appliqués take center stage, adding visual texture and depth. From puffed sleeves and lace to embellishments like elegant bows and blooming rosettes, old-fashioned femininity mixes with mismatched layering to create a delicate yet edgy magnetism.

The color palette of the New Femininity trend is a subtle departure from bold, attention-grabbing shades, favoring soft and muted hues instead. Tone-on-tone neutrals take a front-row seat, enhancing the sophistication of the Victorian-inspired allure that defines this trend. Embracing the spirit of bygone eras, the silhouettes accentuate femininity with billowing sleeves, cinched waistlines, and structured shapes, empowering individuals to express their unique style, resulting in a truly enchanting and captivating appeal. 

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