Spring 2024 Trends : Music Box

Spring 2024 Trends : Music Box

This week we’ll pivot into a melodic and irresistibly playful style. Fashion is a feeling, and we're pirouetting to the rhythm of the super trend we call Music Box. Inspired by the enchanting charm of grace and poise, the Music Box trend embodies a dreamy and ethereal aesthetic, infusing a refined sense of light and airy femininity. Despite its delicate appearance, this trend is anything but reserved; it’s bold, daring, graceful, and oh-so-dreamy! Within this barre-inspired trend, glamour and femininity take precedence, with coziness and comfort becoming underlying themes. 

Music Box invites you to embrace your inner leading lady, dressing in romantic wrap-tops, voluminous tulle skirts, and simple ballet flats. Play with feminine fabrications, introducing volume through elements like puff sleeves, ruffled skirts, and oversized bows. However, diving into the prima ballerina look isn’t necessary to embody the Music Box trend. Capture its essence with subtle velvet accents, simple adornments of ribbons and bows, and sheer fabrics like chiffon or silk. Integrate soft florals, polka dots, and layers, adding tangible texture with rosette accents for a graceful and refined vibe.


In the Music Box world, no rhythm is required, just a passion for soft, dreamy colors like the Pantones® of Pastel Lilac, Chambray Blue, and Desert Flower. Infuse a touch of sparkle with layers of brilliant white rhinestones or a vintage brooch. Pearls and iridescent beads enhance the allure, while hints of gold and shiny copper evoke an air of elegance. Don’t shy away from layering dainty accessories for added impact. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference. 

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