Introducing the Spring 2023 Trends: More is More

Introducing the Spring 2023 Trends: More is More

For our final trend, we learn what it means to embrace the superfluous extra-ness on display this season in a trend we call More is More.

Life is too short to be boring, darling, and if you’re one who wears your confidence like a coat of many colors, this trend is for you. The More is More trend offers a multitude of ways to express your individualism. There is more of everything: more color, more sparkle, more volume, more sheen. And the more of all of it, the better! 

For many of us, playing dress up was where our imaginations ran wild, and this season we have the perfect excuse to lay on the glitz in a kaleidoscope of color. Exaggerated silhouettes create expanded canvases, ready to be filled with over-the-top layers and voluminous frills. The addition of shimmering sequins and blinding gems will ensure all eyes are on you — as they should be. 

In the More is More trend, feathers and fringe collide with colorful rhinestones. Stacks of bold cuffs and sparkly bangles fill each forearm — and don’t be surprised if all that arm candy is set against a backdrop of silky elbow-length gloves. Watch for chokers to re-emerge as a key accessory this season. And don’t be afraid to add dimension with chunky beads in dynamic colors and literal 3D appliqués. 

This trend makes being extra look downright basic. It’s all about maxed-out, supercharged fashion and you’re the star of the show!  

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