Introducing the Spring 2023 Trend - Young at Heart

Introducing the Spring 2023 Trend - Young at Heart

Each spring, we showcase four of the fashion super trends that have been working their way off the runway and into your favorite shops. Last week, we introduced you to the overall Spring 2023 aesthetic, where everything is bigger, brighter, and bolder. 

This season, it’s all about embracing fashion that not only makes a statement but also makes your heart happy. And with a palette as vivacious and playful as the Spring 2023 palette, pulling together a look that turns heads and makes people smile has never been easier!

We also talked about how to find magic in the mundane with the super trend we call Playful Professional. This fun and vibrant trend gives you permission to toss the rulebook into the paper shredder and crank up the color meter to an eleven...

This week we continue basking in those color-me-happy vibes with a step back in time to an era of youthful exuberance in the super trend we call:

Young at Heart

Daily life is filled with responsibilities and rarely leaves room for fun. Somewhere along the way, we swapped our happy colorful clothing for muted tones and our childlike wonder for logic and practicality. Thankfully, this season opens us back up to a world filled with youthful curiosity and fascination! 

Within the Young at Heart trend, notes of nostalgia play into joyful prints with an excess of bold, vibrant colors. Iconic patterns, shapes, and symbols synonymous with pop culture of the 90s and 00s are back for the party, and this time they’re brighter than ever. Slip dresses, tracksuits, baby tees, and boyfriend jeans spark sentimentality and make the perfect backdrop for a little extra mirth. 

Bright colors and spontaneity show up in every possible way, including accessories. Dipped in a shiny coat of colorful paint, icons like hearts, butterflies, stars, smiley faces and more take accessorizing to the max. Even sparkly gems join the party, and when they’re brushed in shimmery multicolored hues, every facet sparks pure delight. The jewelry joy continues with baby hoop earrings featuring dangling charms, and oversized frames layered with iconic patterns and motifs. 

With a trend this contagiously cheerful the message is clear: I may be an adult, but I’ll never grow up.

Tune in next week for a look at our third super trend of the season: Bohemian Bombshell

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