Introducing the Spring 2023 Trends: Bohemian Bombshell

Introducing the Spring 2023 Trends: Bohemian Bombshell

This week, we embrace the free-spirited hippie era with a style that merges natural materials with a kaleidoscope of lively colors and handcrafted charm with infinite layers in the trend we call Bohemian Bombshell.

The name Bohemian Bombshell is a contradiction in itself, which makes it even more fitting for this expansive trend. Starting with peace, love, and the free-spirited vibes associated with the 1970s, things take an innovative turn when natural materials and homespun fabrics emerge in radically vibrant shades and unflinching combinations. 

Layers are nonnegotiable within the Bohemian Bombshell trend, and that extends to the jewelry, too. From a “neck mess” created with a hodgepodge of layered necklaces to stacks of bracelets and rings in a range of shapes and sizes, this trend pushes the envelope when it comes to synergistic layers. 

The Bohemian Bombshell vibe is infused in everything from wide-leg pants to garden party sundresses, where psychedelic swirls and mesmerizing patterns make an energizing splash. Small homespun details like patchwork and appliqués bring the boho aesthetic to life and enhance the underlying handcrafted charm of this trend, encouraging us to literally piece together a look that’s all our own. 

An undeniable optimism resides within the Bohemian Bombshell trend, pulling inspiration from the ground beneath our feet to the night sky above us. Go with the flow, don’t overthink it, and embrace your inner Bohemian Bombshell! 

Up next our fourth and final trend of the season: More is More.

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