Introducing the Spring 2023 Trends: The Playful Professional

Introducing the Spring 2023 Trends: The Playful Professional

The Spring 2023 Palette

The Spring 2023 palette is an invitation to step into a world of vitality, playfulness, and joy. There is an effervescent youthfulness underlying the colors at our disposal, intended to spark the imagination and embolden those who are ready to write their own rulebook when it comes to style.

Options to embrace and express individuality through color abound with spring’s heavy-hitting hues. Experimenting with contrasting colors is encouraged, like pairing the supercharged Pantone® of Fiery Red with the invigorating hue of Beetroot Purple. Monochromatic color schemes that play with tone-on-tone shades will amp up the attitude, taking an outfit from mundane to masterpiece. 

Basic shades like Macchiato and Gray Lilac offer solid ground from which to take flight, while inspiration is drawn from the vibrant hues of Classic Green and Love Bird just outside our windows. Within the kaleidoscopic spectrum of color this season, you’ll find that Mother Nature is still unmatched in her ability to keep things grounded. 

The Playful Professional
The return to offices and in-person meetings necessitates a synergy between business attire and individuality. That’s why we’re taking business casual to a whole new level this season with a trend we call Playful Professional. 

“Fun,” and “vibrant,” are probably not words you’d associate with the workplace, but this trend makes it feel like every ballpoint pen in the office has been swapped out for crayons. Colors in all shades add a hint of playfulness to the previously basic and boring.

Oversized blazers in shocking new hues drape over vests and baggy trousers for head-turning comfort. Industrial chains and exaggerated accessories go to work decorating open necklines, while layered hoops stack up the ear.

Timeless palettes of refined pearls and subtle sparkle are reimagined in unexpected new shades and the addition of dangling charms gives off a multidimensional flair. Matte finishes become high sheen and comfort is now couture. Work if you must, but don’t be afraid to make it interesting! 

Stay tuned for more 2023 Spring Trends coming to your Insider next week!

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